Professional Interior photography by Andrew Boschier, providing work in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Greater London

You have spent many hours perfecting your interior designs and are rightfully proud of your work. It is vital to your business that your marketing images should reflect this and highlight your work at its best. This is where I can really help you as I am a specialist interior photographer.

My role as an interior photographer is to create images that capture the passion and
the emotion that you felt while you designed your project.

Professional Interior Photographer, Andrew Boschier, covering Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Greater London
Shot of the interior design of a bedroom
Interior Design photography by Andrew Boschier

As a professional interior photographer, I can help you by bringing a whole range of skills and experience to your project. It starts with the technicalities of capturing the images.

This requires appropriate lens choices and the right range of exposures to bring out all the features of the room. I prefer to use natural light wherever possible however will introduce artificial light where necessary. The skill is then in the post-production where images are blended together ensuring preservation or creation of the required ambience, and ensuring everything is kept in balance. You need to remember that even the most advanced digital camera can never quite capture what the human eye sees. 

My natural style is to produce images that appear bright and airy however I always liaise with you so that I can capture the desired aesthetic you wish to create.

I also always look at those little details that bring your project to life. I just love to tell the story of the whole project.

Interior design photography for a kitchen
Kitchen design photography by Andrew Boschier

Case Study: a client’s story

Sophie is one of my long-standing interior design clients. Sophie specialises in curtains and blinds. Sophie also supplies soft furnishings. For me, the wonderful thing is that Sophie is really clued up about marketing and sees the importance that interior photograpy brings to her interior design business.

Sophie is very proactive with her clients and always pre-empts things by gaining permission for a photo shoot before her clients have even placed their order. This means that when she organises her shoots, she has a reservoir of keen homeowners willing to have their properties photographed.

This means that Sophie really gets value for money from her investment in a day’s interior photography.
Sophie always chooses her willing clients carefully so that she can feature the products and services that she wishes to market to her client base.

Over the years I have gained a deep insight into what is important to Sophie so that I can capture the right looks and angles. I know that Sophie requires an overview of each project as well as the important details such as tiebacks for the curtains or the detailed finish on the cushions. I have become tuned into the
style that Sophie has and edit the images accordingly.

In a typical day’s photography, Sophie picks me up from home around 9 am and takes me on a pre-scheduled route. She continually liaises with the office to ensure that the day progresses smoothly and that her clients remain well informed about our likely arrival time. Sophie always has a backup plan in case things change. In the past, that meant visiting properties under the management of an estate agent
where Sophie had been commissioned to providing curtains and blinds for the
managing agents. This level of organisation means that Sophie always gets the most from her photography days.

Detail shot of curtain tie back for interior designer Sophiie
Detail shot for interior designer Sophie

Deatils of cushions for an interior dseigner
Detail shots are so important for interior design photography

For Sophie, having regular photoshoots has made a huge difference to her business and she typically organises around 2-3 shoots annually. Sophie believes that having a pool of marketing material has been instrumental to growing her business such that she has now taken some retail premises. She has told me that a good part of her success is down to having marketing images that are a cut above the competition.

So, if you have a special project that warrants extra attention, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your vision and needs for your particular project, please fill out the contact form below.



So if you have a special project that warrants extra attention, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your vision and needs for your particular project, please call me for a chat on 07876 312 068.


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