Professional Food Photography for amazing Farm Café

There are times when you go to a professional food photography job and you are completely blown away with the food that you are capturing. This was such a case when I was commissioned by the Farm Café to complete a marketing shoot.

The Farm Café

The Farm Café is a family run establishment situated within a garden centre. Although in a humble setting, you would expect that a good quality of food would be prepared there. As the first dishes came out, I was amazed by the sheer quality and their use of colour and texture.

Overview of breakfast image by Andrew Boschier Photography
Breakfast at the Farm Café in Wokingham

The Brief

The owner Karen was very proud of her food. She really got the concept that professional food photography was right for her business. The aim of the shoot was to have a set of images that would blow the competition out of the water. She could see the difference that proper photography could make to her sales and profits.

Karen arranged for props to be made available and wanting some of the fresh ingredients to be included. She felt this would show that everything was freshly prepared from the finest ingredients.

Professional food photography by Andrew Boschier
Professional food photography for the Farm Café

My plan for the food photography shoot

The most exciting thing for me was that I had a free reign to show the food at its best. This meant that I could be really creative. One technique in food photography is to layer up the shot with colour and texture. This brings a sense of reality to the look by making everything looking 3 dimensional. Adding raw ingredients and kitchen utensils brought everything to life.

Working tethered for this shoot allowing the shots to be downloaded immediately to a laptop. This helps because the client can view the images full screen rather than on the camera screen. Karen was able to make suggestions to improve the shots whilst the shoot took place. It is so much better than trying to preview on the small screen on the back of the camera. The laptop is also colour controlled. This worked so well for the client. She she burst into tears of joy when she saw how good her food looked on screen.

Detailed food photography image by Andrew Boschier
Capturing the delicious food from Farm Café

Benefits for the client

Because Karen was switched on to the benefits of professional food photography, it made this one of those great shoots.

Karen is now confident that she will be able to increase her sales. This will lead to increased profits in these challenging times.

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Set up professional food photography for Farm Café
Professional food photography by Andrew Boschier for the Farm Café

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