Garden design photography for contemporary garden

One of my great loves is working with other creative professionals. This photographic shoot for a garden designer client is a case in point. The brief was to capture the practically of their design, including an amount of hard landscaping and also to feature the low maintenance aspect of the space. The shoot is one of a series that I carried out for this client. The beauty is they are all different which has given me the opportunity to build my portfolio and feature the varied designs.

Professional garden photography by Andrew Boschier
View of the sunken patio area

The Brief

My garden designer Karen’s clients said that they wanted a contemporary garden in which they could entertain. The couple had been in their house many years and had developed a more traditional style of garden themselves which was no longer fulfilling their needs. The main criteria was to gain more space for entertainment and have a garden that was easier to maintain.

Karen’s idea was to create a simple modern space with clean straight lines. The clients wanted some lighting and a water feature. A number of the original specimen trees were to be retained. Another requirement was big bold colour combinations for the planting. It was important to have a shady area where they could sit outside. The garden now features three separate patio areas with seating. There is a shady area at the bottom of the garden, a sunken area below a pergola and seating closer to the house.

Professional garden photographer Andrew Boschier
Contemporary family friendly design for entertaining

Details of the garden design shoot

One of the problems encountered whilst carrying out garden design photography is the weather. There had been a few showers during this day meaning there were a few puddles about. The light was also quite harsh. It is always a balancing act with light and often I have to take multiple exposures and blend them together to get the right look. This is one of the problems of using a modern digital camera. They are unable to resolve the range of light that the human eye can see.

Close up of one of the unusual features of the garden
Close up of the planting and one of the unusual art installations in the garden

It was also especially important to Karen that the details of the planting and the hard landscaping were featured. When I work with my clients, I always like them to share the brief that they have been given. I like to know their thoughts about the shoot and where their inspiration came from. This background is very important to me, so that I am able to capture the ambience and feel for the space that they envisioned in their design.

Close up view of family entertainment area
Close up view of family entertainment area

The resulting images also need to fit in with the client’s existing brand as consistency is so important. I always hold a consultation meeting to gain all the information required, so that on the day of the shoot everything is ready. This also helps for me to build a picture of my client and ensure that everything they need is captured .

Details of a water feature in the contemporary garden
Close up of the water feature and garden ornaments

If you are in need of a photographer to capture your garden design work perfectly, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

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