Creative studio shoot with emerging singer

Background to the studio shoot

I really love a creative studio shoot giving me the chance to try out new techniques.This is all in the name of progress and personal development. It is also great to collaborate with other creatives and share the images.

So working in the studio with local unsigned artist Elena Ramona was a good opportunity. This also gave the chance to work with talented make up artist Viktoria Kohl-Webster.

Creative shoot by Andrew Boschier for emerging singer in Surrey
Creative studio shoot for singer Elena Ramona by Andrew Boschier in Surrey


Elena is a  singer/songwriter based in Guildford, Surrey, originally hailing from the Greek island of Skiathos. Music, singing and song writing were her passion from an early age.
Elena graduated from the Guildford based Academy of Contemporary Music in 2013. Since then, Elena has been promoting her music. She released her debut single and music video ‘Rise’, inspired by the support of her family, in 2013.

Creative studio shoot with emerging singer by Andrew Boschier
Use of creative lighting in a studio situation by professional photographer Andrew Boschier

Of course Elena has the most amazing olive coloured skin as she is a greek girl and was a dream to photograph. This also gave Viktoria a fantastic canvas to work with, creating a number of different looks. For me this was an opportunity to try out different lighting styles without the pressure of working to a clients brief. Originally we all shared a Pinterest board where ideas and styles were pinned, from this the mood of the creative shoot was developed.

A creative studio shoot for an emerging singer in Surrey by Andrew Boschier
Elena enjoying her experience of the creative studio shoot

Logistics for the creative studio shoot

I used my local studio facilities in Bisley as a venue, where we had a great deal of space to work in, the real advantage lay with the high ceilings meaning that I could raise the lights to a good height. My ideas were to start with some basic beauty lighting where I used one high light placed in front of Elena with Viktoria bouncing light up to Elena with a reflector. This gives beautiful even lighting which accenuated Elena’s skin tones. Gradually the lighting was transitioned during the shoot to more edgy styles. Eventually getting to the point where the lights were actually nearly behind Elena.

Creative studio shoot by Andrew Boschier in Surrey
Elena looking seductive in her studio shoot
Creative photography shoot in the studio for emerging singer by Andrew Boschier
Prospective album cover for Elena Ramona

The results of the shoot were much better than expected withElena considering using one of the images for her forthcoming album cover.

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